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It’s no secret that major brands are paying “influencers” or those on social media with a super-niche “audience” or followers rather— because they know that generally people only follow large accounts of those that they’re either a) friends with, or b) have a certain interest in that accounts content.

Influencer marketing is a billion dollar market and companies are increasing their marketing spend on influencers 2018 rather than traditional marketing

We have a database of over 200 hand picked influencers, we perfectly tailor each campaign to meet your unique business needs. We match the influencers that will best capture your target demographic.

The influencers in our database have from 10k - 1.5 million followers

Influencers can reach your target market through Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. We will identify, manage and track the performance of influencers work by providing analytics.

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Have a new development, hotel, or property that needs press coverage? Our team can craft a full write-up on your project and share it on our Instagram stories using the “swipe-up” feature— to direct traffic to the targeted post on our website. Marketing